Carmen & Mike // Marin Headlands San Francisco Engagement Session

A proposal unlike any other. A story unlike your average love song. A match so perfect, it seems too good to be true. Carmen & Mike didn’t set out to be different. They just are, and that’s what makes their story so special and romantic. Everything about who they are, how they got here and where they’re headed is all because these two just love being themselves with each other.

Back in their UC Davis days, Carmen & Mike were marching band pros. They knew each other, but Mike actually was dating someone else at the time. It wasn’t until after they both graduated that they became a couple after a rainy, laughter-filled first date in Muir Woods. It rained so much, Carmen actually had to blow dry Mike’s shoes because he only brought one pair! And it was there that the proposal happened…

Except that Mike wasn’t the one who planned it. From the beginning, Carmen & Mike have never believed in traditional gender roles and have so much appreciation for love of all kinds. It was Carmen who planned the perfect proposal to the love of her life. Mike claims that he had a sneaking suspicion it was coming. She brought Mike back to their first date spot and popped the question. Of course he said yes!

For much of their relationship, Carmen & Mike had busy schedules. She a field biologist and educator living and working in the Marin Headlands at Fort Cronkhite and he a beloved high school biology teacher, these two worked a ton. So naturally, this beautiful landscape became the perfect backdrop to celebrate their engagement!

We had known these two wanted to bring us out to the Marin Headlands for their engagement session, but we had no idea just how much of a treat it would be. Carmen & Mike invited us to share in their spot, to capture these sweet moments at their Marin Headlands engagement session in a place that really holds so much of their story. We even got to meet their rescue pup, Rusty, who brought his own snazzy accessories for this Marin Headlands engagement session. Everywhere you look throughout their Marin Headlands engagement session there are pieces of their hearts—throwback to their marching band days at UC Davis, bird banding puns, and a deep love for animals. It was the perfect engagement session for Carmen & Mike!

Carmen & Mike: we are so thankful that we got to spend this raining, windy and beautiful evening with the two of you for your Marin Headlands engagement session. We feel so lucky to have been invited to visit such a beautiful place that holds so much history for the two of you. To get to see the two of you just be you and have fun was a joy. And we learned so much about carnelian rocks! Look it up, friends. It’s fascinating. We can’t wait for your Walker Creek Ranch wedding next summer. Love you both!


June 1, 2019

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