Willow Heights Mansion Military Couples Session

one decision can change everything.


It was just one decision. One simple little change is all it took. That one decision led Mario to Katie, who we all knew had been patiently and faithfully waiting for the right man to come along. And Mario came in at just the right time.

Like many of us modern daters, these two sweethearts met on a dating app. Let’s go Coffee Meets Bagel! Right before Mario came home from his Army Course in Virginia for Thanksgiving, Mario made the decision that altered—or some might say corrected—his path to love. Just for shiggles, he switched his zip code to his hometown before he came back.

And there she was.

This beautiful girl with a fiery heart, faithful spirit and positive energy. All it took was a slight change to his profile and he found her. Mario likes to say Katie always has the biggest smile (we like to say they both do… scroll to see what we mean), at least when they’re together. And those of us that know and love Katie can vouch that it doesn’t matter who she’s with! Those pearly whites are flashing at all times!

With Mario on active duty as Captain in the United States Army, the distance between the two of them geographically is quite the challenge. There would be nothing standing in our way of their Willow Heights Mansion portrait session, and a huge thank you to the venue for giving us special permission for this very special couple! Thanks to them and the adventurous sweethearts you’ll see today, this Morgan Hill portrait session is one of our favorites!

Mario & Katie, we love the two of you to death! You two were made for each other. This girl is not afraid of distance and not afraid of adventure. After all, she’s been on the World Race twice! And this guy is a leader, a Christ-follower, and not afraid of making sacrifices. Knowing his dream is to continue leading, training and mentoring soldiers, we are so thankful for his passion for our uniformed men and women. Thanks to Mario, along with soldiers like him and their partners like Katie, we walk freely, without fear of persecution and the right to make our own choices.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love our men and women in uniform!


Katie & Mario’s military couples portrait session was at the one and only beautiful and luxurious Bay Area Wedding Venue Willow Heights Mansion by Live Love Léal. Katie’s long golden brown locks and beautiful make up were styled by the experts at L Makeup Studio in Morgan Hill. Mario’s classy dapper pink suit jacket came from Men’s Wearhouse. Katie’s stunner white bow engagement dress came from Macy’s. We love photographing engagements and weddings at places like Willow Heights Mansion. Have you seen Loren & Alex’s Legion of Honor Engagement Session yet? We’re always up for adventure!

Angela Sue Photography loves to give back! If you or someone you love serves or has served in the military, please reach out!

May 2, 2019

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