Mary Catherine // Morgan Hill Newborn Session


There’s a lot of talk right now about the idea of new. Freshening up your life by decluttering not just your old sock drawer but also your mental file cabinets and dusty cobwebs in the back of that mind of yours. I’ve been hearing a lot about that new Netflix show, Tidying Up, and I have to admit I haven’t started it yet, but I am so stoked to get into it! I just keep hearing this message that 2019 is the year of new.

I’m praying for lots of new things this year. There’s anticipation for the new Captain Marvel and Avengers: End Game movies coming out in just a few short months. I know I’m dying to see the new How to Train Your Dragon coming out NEXT MONTH OMG. There’s also new places and experiences I’m looking forward to. I’ve been to New York a couple of times now, but this year, I’m traveling there with my two favorite people to see my baby brother for a week. I’ll have never experienced the Big Apple like this. And just recently, we went down to Big Sur for this STUNNING Big Sur Portrait Session that will be hitting the blog later this week!

New family members and traditions are entering our world, too. Michael’s and my first Christmas together meant having to navigate splitting the holiday, a whole new group of people who want gifts, and learning to let go of old traditions that I love so much. Probably a little too much. New health routines and my fifth round of Whole30. Before you judge me and point fingers at all the other fad diets, it is my humble opinion that any food program that asks you to eat everything natural, rejecting all negative and processed ingredients from your diet… that’s a good one. And I love it.

This little girl was the best new thing Marilyn and Matt could have dreamed up for themselves. Little Mary Catherine came into this world in December as the baby of the family AND the only girl. Already her older brothers are super protective and experts at taking care of their little sister. We hung out for this Morgan Hill Newborn Lifestyle Session on a cloudy week day, and it was nearly impossible to not smile when they lit up with her in their arms. And look at her decked out nursery! A close family member brought in her interior design skills and created a princess suite for who is clearly the favorite now 🙂 it even comes with a new tiara.

2019 is the year of new, but I also love to remember what I had to let go of to bring in the new. Marilyn and Matt let go of life with two littles and now have three. Life with only boys now shed away for a life with two boys and a baby girl who will always have the love and protection from the men who’ve gone before her. We’re facing a year of new challenges, dreams, ambitions, failures, and so much more, but I’m thankful for close ones who walk with us as we embrace it.

Marilyn and Matt, thank you so much for letting me into your home, into your world with your baby girl. For letting me hold her for a few minutes—you can bet I soaked up as much baby cuddles as I could in those short moments. For letting me be the one to capture this brief but precious season with your littles. I’m so grateful for you both! Michael and I pray that you would love each other well and write a legacy of love for your kids that they will want to carry on when they grow up. We know you’ll rock this!


January 9, 2019

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