Christmas Hill Park Maternity Session


Did you know that right now you are currently in the middle of a story that will be passed down to your children and your children’s children? Think about where you are at this moment and all the moments that led up to this one. That one moment in third grade when you confessed to your crush. Those awkward teenage years in middle school and high school. The stress of applying to colleges and filling out tedious job applications. Last weekend when you came home from a long day at work only to have a pile of dishes two days old in the sink and you just couldn’t not cry.

Cancer that has come and gone, and come back and gone again.

For Megan and Danny, the legacy they are writing is a love story unlike any other. After discovering each other at a what I like to call “Subaru Singles Retreat,” (yes, guys, they met at a Subaru-owners’ mixer), it wasn’t too long before friendship became loooooooove. Danny doesn’t know how not to smile. He absolutely is the goofball of the family with dad jokes at the ready and silly noises locked and loaded for belly-aching laughter. Megan is the picture of sweetness. Those gorgeous red curls and beautiful blue eyes remind me of Bryce Dallas Howard but waaaaaaaay better! Her heart beats for her people—she is loyal and full of faith.

Danny was diagnosed with cancer twice, and they had to make a choice. A choice that would be a chapter title in the book of the Bennetts. They knew they wanted kids and this cancer was going to take that away from them unless they planned for alternative pregnancy. Megan and Danny are a courageous set of people whose kids will see bravery, faith and redemption when they hear their story. Because I know I see bravery, faith and redemption in each and every one of these photos.

Little baby girl Ellie is a miracle and a product of Megan and Danny’s bold faith. Sacrifices upon sacrifices have been made to get this couple to where they are now, and this little girl’s life is a testament to their triumphant perseverance. Their Gilroy Maternity Session was nothing short of a celebration of the moments that led up this one. All those years of chemo, hair loss, physical fatigue and pain… culminate to this little life that is redeeming every single one of those painful moments.

Megan and Danny, we love you both so much! We are praying for your baby girl, that she would know how hard you two have fought to have her. We pray that you two would always always always put your marriage first because that’s what Ellie will need as she grows up. She needs you two to love each other unconditionally and show her what it means to love and be loved by another. We can’t wait to meet her!!


January 12, 2019

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