Cameran Marie // Morgan Hill Newborn Session


This word seems to carry so much weight with it. It’s so simple and straightforward, yet it’s also heavily complex and intricate. Some hear a calling. Some hear judgment. Let’s set aside our own baggage for a moment. Put down your political opinions, irrational fears and selfish ambitions for a second and listen with me.

Purity means clean. Whether you’re a night-showerer (that would be me) or a morning-showerer, stepping out after having washed your hair and scrubbed all the dirt off your body in all its human glory is one of the best feelings in the world. Lately, I’ve been dreading getting in the shower because it feels like it just takes so much time and then my hair has to dry enough before I go to bed… it’s just a whole hassle. It’s almost like I have to force myself nowadays. But while I’m in there, it’s easier to breathe. It’s easier to set my thoughts aside. It’s only 10 minutes, but it’s a process of freeing my heart and mind from what’s just outside my bathroom door. And coming out clean and fresh makes me feel like I’ll rest easier and be more productive because I’m prepared. I’m clean. Pure.

A little itty bitty baby. This baby in particular. Cameran Marie. She is pure. Everything about her is pure. Her little soul, her little heart. She only knows love. I wish I could remember even just a moment of being an infant. The purity of her being causes me to sit back, stare and just wonder in awe of her simplicity and her complexity. Her little bones are growing every day. Her eyes widen a little more every day. Her fingers and toes reach just a little more every day. Nick and Emily learn each day something new about Cameran, and their love for her grows and grows and grows. Every parent says something like this about loving their child: I didn’t know I could love something that much until I had her. And even then, it grows.

That love… that unconditional, undying, sacrificial love is not something you can buy on clearance at Target (definitely not at Walmart). It’s not even something you can learn from others or a self help book. It’s in your DNA. It’s written on your heart. It’s part of who you are. There is absolutely nothing Emily and Nick would not do to love their daughter, to serve her and to nurture her. Cameran’s little heartbeat is their new favorite song. Cameran’s beautiful blue eyes radiate their new favorite color. They get to experience the purity of that inexplicable love with her, and it brings us so much joy to see it.

Cameran Marie, your parents love you very much. Your little soul matters in this world. You will grow up and you will be who you were written to be. Our prayer for you is to grow in love, to see the best in others (even the ones you will disagree with), to know without a doubt and with all your heart that you are so very loved. Some day, we pray you’ll make an impact somehow no matter the scale. You are so capable, and your parents are always FOR you.


P.S. If you missed Cameran’s birthday, you MUST MUST MUST take a second and go see it. It was one of the most special moments we got to be a part of!

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Baby’s Style

outfits // old navy

baby bows // baby bling by nordstrom

christmas blanket // little unicorn by spearmint baby
@littleunicornofficial @spearmintbaby

basket // home goods

Mama’s Style

hair // painted hair by ciara

jeans, sweater, pj’s // old navy

blouse // target

necklace // j crew

Dad’s Style

hair // timeless barbers

jeans // levi’s

gray shirt // under armour

plaid shirt // arrow

November 20, 2018

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