Morgan Hill Christmas Portrait Session

dress. it. up.

Could you have guessed this sweet Morgan Hill family portrait session features three country folk who work outside on their farm every day? Breanna + Andy’s family portrait session called for a couple hours of heels instead of cowboy boots, long and luscious locks instead of messy buns, and button up shirts instead of ranch flannels. This young family is a trio of hard workers who give everything they have to their family, sacrificing time and sleep to walk the path they feel called to.

Breanna’s hair is all heart eye emojis and fires, but her heart shines unbelievably bright. She told me she is so joyful and happy—and when Breanna says she’s joyful and happy, she means it—to have the privilege of staying home with her son, Cristiano (CJ to his friends… yeah, by the end of the session, CJ and Michael were best friends). And when she looks at his husband, I see faith and grace and peace. You can’t miss it. She loves that man of hers!

Um, is anyone else jealous of CJ’s hair, too? Because DANG. Someone needs to get him a bass and find a rock band that’s looking for a 4-year-old to join. We see CJ at church all the time and almost every photo I’ve ever seen of him, he’s got the stink-eye pointed in our direction. We have a great picture of his parents smiling at us one morning at church and CJ literally has his eyes halfway around the sockets rolling them at us as if to say, “Jeeze, EVERYONE wants to take my picture.”

It only took 15 minutes before CJ totally warmed up to us and eventually became best friends with Michael. You can expect to see the two of them picking persimmons together and giving each other life advice some day. Because once CJ challenges you to a race, you’re his forever.

Breanna + Andy, we love you so very much. The little boy you are raising does have a kind and gentle heart, and that can only grow. To be able to spend these few hours with you, to see you dressed up in ways that you normally would never be seen in, to see you breathe in and breathe out as we celebrate this season of your lives together… it’s a moment we will never forget! Each of our sessions is special to us and you are no exception. Our prayer for you is that you’ll look back at these and remember how joyful and sweet this time in your family’s story was. It’s only going to get better! We love you!


November 14, 2018

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