Cameran Marie // St. Louise Regional Hospital Birthday


For the last seven days or so, the word wonder has been on my heart. Last week, I spent a day in Carmel with my mama. Carmel is home to the the most cerulean of seas, whitest sands and sweeping views for miles and miles. The minute we pull up to Ocean Street, the windows go down and my lungs fill with fresh, ocean mist. I revel at the horizon that never ends, full of wonder at how I am completely oblivious, insignificant and invisible to world below the surface. I look out at this massive body of water we call the Pacific Ocean and I think to myself: this is infinite.

Earlier this week, Michael took me to see The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Something you should know about me: I. Love. Movies. I’m guilty of watching the same six movies over and over, but I love them nonetheless. This movie in particular stopped me in my tracks and moved me to tears within the first five minutes. It wasn’t because the story was so emotional and touching (even though it really was). It wasn’t because the actors delivered their lines with complete vulnerability (even though they did). My eyes filled with wonder at the beautiful art before me—people like me who catch colds, drive to work on the freeway, binge-watch Friends, and have fears spent years creating this masterfully colorful moving picture. I sat there with my sweet man’s hand in mine, took a deep breath and thought to myself: this is beautiful.

And then this little girl was born. Every day, couples are having babies and doctors and nurses are going about their day bringing new life into the world like it’s as normal as calling my mom. To each of those couples, though, this day is full of wonder. Emily and Nick invited me into their parenthood journey months ago. From the time this little girl was the size of an olive, I’ve been walking with her and her beautiful parents to watch them get to this day. And if you missed their maternity session, you need to go see it now! Tuesday morning, I watched the nurses bring Emily to the operating room at St. Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy, CA, and thought to myself: this is wonderful.

This day is and always will be your birth day, Cameran Marie. I watched your parents anxiously and patiently wait for you to come out. The fact that I saw your parents moments before you arrived and an hour after you breathed your first breath blows my freaking mind! You came out healthy, beautiful and loved. When I walked into the room after you had been in your mama’s arms for only two hours, it took my breath away. Our bodies are capable of incredible things that no human could ever design or imagine on their own. And to be present to see you literally begin your life… It was infinite. It was beautiful. It was wonderful.

Emily and Nick, I pray that you two would always, always, always love each other first and show this little girl what it looks like to love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally. Take care of your marriage first so that your marriage can take care of her. She will watch how her mama smiles, forgives and is courageous. She will watch how her daddy is brave, sacrificial and a servant. This little child is going to do great things. I can’t wait to see it unfold!

Check out some of my absolute favorites from Cameran Marie’s birthday and give these young parents some love in the comments below!


November 10, 2018

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