How to Pair Bold Patterns with Bold Colors

I was just hanging out with this little goofball, Evynn Rae, the other day and she’s starting to say my name! That’s a huge win in my book. Life goals: all the kids will say my name and love me forever. A simple dream, I know.

Earlier this year, this gorgeous mama shared a special secret with me. My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped when she told me her big news and the first thing I thought was… WE MUST PHOTOS. Yeah, it probably came out like that, too. At first, Lauren hesitated but then imagined a cool way to tell the rest of the world about her big announcement, and the planning began.

There really isn’t anything Lauren couldn’t pull off. With one of her favorite LuLaRoe dresses (yes, ladies, that’s right… you can look editorial too with something as simple as LuLaRoe), Lauren paired a simple light blue look for her man, Brad, and a sweet pink for my favorite baby girl. If you’re wondering how to pair bold patterns with your family’s outfits for your family portrait session, just take a look below. You can see how pulling notes of color from your pattern can give you inspiration for the rest of the family. From the pink in the flowers, Lauren pulled together a gray and pink outfit for her little girl that was both simple and feminine. And a light blue will always complement those neutral pinks and even some of the boldest patterns. Your man will look so classic and dapper in something simple like this.

As the afternoon went on and the sun went down, we changed it up a little and created a much more warm and editorial look for this little family. We went bold with this mustard yellow (me and them bold colors… check out this edgy and bold styled wedding shoot featuring a mustard yellow tie) and even mixed patterns to create dynamic movement. At first glance, you may not think pairing plaid with stripes works, but with simple lines and hints of complimentary color, you can easily pull it off with a little bit of balance in your kids’ outfits. Baby Evynn balanced out her parents with solids that pulled together the whole look, creating a really warm experience. 

Lauren definitely has the creative gene, because she made these flower crowns herself. WHAT. Flower crowns for the win, friends. Whenever in doubt, always choose a flower crown. And a matching flower crown for the baby!? Are you kidding me? I just about died from the cuteness. Even if you think your kids won’t keep these kinds of accessories on for very long, it’s worth it to capture just a few moments of cute. Trust me, Evynn was not into accessories back then and we still captured so many great moments!

I can’t ever pass up the opportunity to photograph pretty couples. Especially when they’re as attractive as Brad and Lauren. They’re also some of the goofiest people I know and Michael and I totally vibe with them—in love with How I Met Your Mother, can quote The Office and Friends at the drop of a hat, and like beer. Well, I don’t identify with the last one, but I like going out and ordering a cider while the cool kids get the real stuff. It’s always easy to capture sweet moments of this couple so in love and all in. That’s my kind of couple! 

Check out some of my favorites from Brad and Lauren’s Coyote Creek Portrait Session and let me know what you think in the comments below!


September 25, 2018

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