Paradise Christmas Tree Farm Portrait Session

Cera handed baby Mack over to me. He fit right into my arms at 6 months old and joyfully smiled up at me. Not much brought this little boy down. It was 7am, the sun was just barely coming up over the Santa Cruz Mountains and our small group was gathered around the table reading through the Psalms and talking about singleness, motherhood, marriage, mission and everything in between. Baby Mack wiggled around for a few minutes while I rocked him back and forth, but it didn’t take long for those beautiful little blue eyes to close. 

That was my happy place.

This little family is so special to me. Cera is one of my closest friends and favorite San Jose and Morgan Hill wedding planners—I’ve worked with her a lot now, and guys, I kid you not, your wedding day moves so much smoother with someone badass like Cera taking care of every detail for you. Because of all she’s done for me, it was a total pleasure to get to take some family portraits for them in a cute Morgan Hill Christmas tree farm.

Check out some of my favorites from the Harrold family’s Morgan Hill Paradise Christmas Tree Farm portrait session and let me know what you think down below!


September 4, 2018

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