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This Morgan Hill portrait session changed my life.

On Saturday June 10, 2017, a group of girls showed up to Coyote Creek Trail in Morgan Hill for a staff portrait session for Cera Singley Events (one of the best wedding planners in Morgan Hill and San Jose). I only knew Cera and only for a short while at that point and had never met any of the other girls before. Nervous was my word that afternoon for sure. But my nerves were put at ease almost immediately because each one of these girls ended playing big roles in my life. And it started that night.

We had had a total blast for the past two hours… laughing about poop jokes and stumbling across some horses (who make an appearance in this Morgan Hill portrait session… keep scrolling!) all while snapping some gorgeous sunlit portraits of these beautiful ladies. We were finishing up with a quick selfie of the five of us when my mom called. I sent her to voicemail and figured I would call her back when I got to my car, but I got a text immediately after with the words: CALL ME BACK NOW. IT’S AN EMERGENCY.

Have you ever received a text like that? I had never. I was confused and suddenly very concerned. In the moment, I felt awkward because these poor girls who barely knew me all of a sudden saw me jump into crisis mode. When I got my mom on the phone, she was already panicking and crying, trying to tell me my dad had had a massive stroke.

My heart stopped. What do you do in moments like that? Your mom calls you to tell you your dad has had a stroke and is in a hospital two and a half hours away in a foreign city at 8:30pm on a Saturday night, and you’re in the middle of a portrait session with a bunch of people who barely know you. I could barely breathe.

These women stepped up for me. Basically strangers, and they wrapped their arms around me, prayed for me, offered to drive me to San Francisco… I mean, what!? Who does that? Sisters. These women, in a single terrifying moment, became my sisters and stayed by my side until they couldn’t anymore. I am forever thankful for that.

Each one of these girls is special to me. Danee, my sweet friend, is a natural model. All I said was, “Okay, look over there and play with your hair,” and BOOM we had a sexy Vogue-worthy model. Miss Nicole is a strong, victorious woman who has been through hell and came out so incredibly strong (literally, you guys… the girl is ripped). Rochelle is my soul sister—my poop-joking, fart-noise-making, ridiculously joyful friend who challenged me, encouraged me, and hugged me when I was sad. And Cera, my covenant friend with whom I study the Word, walk through fire and jump for joy over our successes… man, I love that woman.

All four of you are so special to me and this Morgan Hill portrait session reminds me of God’s provision, His perfect tying together of stories, His powerful healing miracles and His relentless redemption. Thank you for being there for me that day. Thank you for being there for me today. I love you all.

Check out some of my absolutely favorites from Cera Singley Events’ Morgan Hill portrait session below and let me know what you think!!


P.S. If you’re looking for a joyful, fun and incredible event planner, Cera Singley Events is seriously the best.

August 20, 2018

  1. you guys rock the show man.. can you do the same theam on our wedding plz contact

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