stina + brandon // coyote creek portrait session

By now, you must know that I just LOVE the Coyote Creek Trail. If not, get ready.

Stina&Brandon reached out to me after their friends suggested they look me up. Stina made me feel so special in that she was so excited about getting pictures taken by me. I feel empowered by my community that they believe in me so much that they are telling their friends about me. And Stina&Brandon were so much fun to hang out with. One of the first things Stina said to me was, “This family is a living commercial for Old Navy.” No doubt. And they rock it.

Little Lena is a social butterfly—almost immediately, we were best friends and racing to see who could run to the end of the bridge first without losing their shoes. Baby Caleb is a HEARTBREAKER. Dude, just look at those eyes. He is SO cute and SO sweet. He was totally enthralled by the trees and leaves and just the green scenery all around him. Watching this family walk together and explore with me was just a treat.

I seriously love this bridge. And this little family looks gorgeous on it. Enjoy some of my favorites below!


January 3, 2017

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