San Martin, CA | Texer Family Birthday/Christmas Session

Happy New Year, friends! It’s been way too long since we talked. It’s time for another incredibly ADORABLE session for the Angela Sue blog.

I met the Texer family (a.k.a. #teamtexer) just a few months ago when we all started playing ultimate frisbee together. We all got real close when we started running into each other on the field! They may be nice and innocent in the photos, but, trust me, they’re CRAY CRAY on the battlefield of frisbee… it’s more B.A. than it sounds 🙂

Little Wesley turned 1-year-old in December and what better gift to give than one that will last for decades to come? I was extremely honored that Travis and Michelle trusted me enough to let me photograph they’re little family. Such a sweet couple with gracious, friendly and generous hearts. I am grateful that this young soul gets to be raised by such God-honoring parents. 

You’ll notice that Wesley doesn’t care too much to keep his mouth closed let alone put all of the dirt and rocks into it. And he definitely prefers to keep his tongue out for the world to see! His expressions and attitude show through the lens perfectly. He’s such a cute kid and he’s not afraid of anything!

Enjoy some of my favorites of Wesley and his beautiful parents!


I can never pass up an opportunity to capture a couple 🙂 these two are GORGEOUS!

January 8, 2016

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