Morgan Hill, CA | Christmas Session: Billy&Melanie

You guys, I have been excited about Christmas since December 26th (of last year), so, naturally, I am SUPER STOKED to share this session with you. I’ve been listening to Christmas music since July and watching The Santa Clause with Tim Allen since, well, since I was 5. I have Christmas candy on my desk at work and am anxious to hang Christmas lights, put the tree up and make hot chocolate all the days!

Don’t judge me.

So when my friends, Billy&Melanie, came to me to ask if we could do Christmas pictures, I didn’t hesitate to say HECK YES. And Melanie is just the coolest because I showed up for the session and she had this amazing idea to wrap Christmas lights around the two of them… I mean, duh! She’s the greatest. I met Billy&Melanie when I first started at my full time job—Billy is the worship and creative arts pastor and Melanie is his wonderful, brilliant and beautiful wife of almost 4 years.

Thanks to our friends, we had the PERFECT backdrop in the hills of Morgan Hill. Their backyard had all these gorgeous photo spots that filtered sunlight seamlessly through the forest of trees behind them. And the little courtyard we took pictures in… I mean, really? Is it real? It was so adorable… The circle of trees around these aged chairs and benches and a cute window hanging between two trees. It looked like someone designed it just for us, but this is someone’s backyard! I’ll be moving in next month…

I hope you enjoy seeing these photos as much as I loved taking them. Merry Christmas!


November 23, 2015

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