Kristin & Drew // Carmel Highlands Garrapata State Park Couples Portrait Session

Reunited and it feels so good!

You know what’s fun? When you get a call from two friends who live on the other side of the country, and then hear they’re gonna be on your side AND in your own little corner of it!

That’s the fun news we got that led to this super fun Carmel Highlands Couples Shoot we got to do with this adorable Tennessee Couple at the GORGEOUS Garrapata State Parkl. We already had the pleasure of doing a couples photoshoot with these two lovebirds for their stunning Richland Creek Greenway portrait session in Nashville (which is also on the blog, so go check it out!) and we were so excited to get to shoot with them again! 

Kristin and Drew are just so adorably in love in every way; and it shows. It warms our hearts to see two people who truly cherish each other like this. I mean, getting to capture that is a big part of why we love what we do so much! We only wish we could have been the lucky ones to photograph their wedding, but there was a slight hiccup in us not knowing each other yet haha. Kristin may not be an Angela Sue Bride but these two will always be an Angela Sue Couple in the Angela Sue family!

Kristin & Drew, it was such a joy to get to see you guys again! We’re so grateful you made time for us on your trip out here, and even carved out enough for a shoot! You are just a ball of fun to hangout with, and we had an absolute blast! We will definitely take another trip out to Tennessee, and will 100% call you guys to make this thing a trilogy! With plenty of sequels to come after! We love you guys, and wish you continued happiness and love on your journey together. 


June 6, 2019


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