Morgan Hill Engagement Session

what could it hurt?


It was one of those situations where you just shrug and think, “What could it hurt?” And it’s exactly those kinds of situations that lead you to where you’re meant to be (anyone got Moana “make way! make way!” in their heads yet?”).

Just about 3 or so years ago, Spencer was asked by a friend, “Hey do you want to come over and meet someone? We think she’s perfect for you.” Spencer thought about his friend’s question and said, “What could it hurt?” Now think about it. Spencer is one of the most genuine, kind-hearted, and peaceful people we have ever met. Who could possibly be perfect for a man like that?


Susanna is perfect for this man. Because she can hang when it comes to being completely genuine, gentle-spirited and joyful. I mean, who could honestly have a better smile? We’ve been lucky to get to serve some of the most joyful brides and grooms on this planet, which makes these two perfect for us and their Morgan Hill Engagement Session proves it.

A kitty named Black Licorice and a friendly bat named Fuzzball. If the names of these two animals doesn’t give you a glimpse into who Spencer & Susanna are, then we don’t know what will. Their Chapel on the Hill Los Gatos wedding is coming up later this June, but in the meantime, Spencer has moved into what will be their future home together with their little kitty they love so much. Shortly after moving in, they discovered that a bat was hanging around the house and while he might have been a nuisance at first (yes, they used the word “nuisance” because they’re that cute!), he is now a loved neighbor who keeps all the critters away from the house. It was all they could talk about at their Morgan Hill Engagement Session.

Spencer & Susanna, we cannot wait to see you for your Chapel on the Hill Los Gatos wedding in June, but this brief Morgan Hill Engagement Session gave us all the feels and is continually bringing smiles to our faces in the meantime. We pray that these last few months before the big day are restful, stress-free and a celebration. Your engagement will be ending shortly but you’re trading up for a lifetime of companionship and running after Jesus together! We love the two of you!


Spencer proposed to the love of his life with a beautiful Engagement Ring designed by Joe Escobar. These two decided they both ought to wear an Engagement Ring (after all, they’re both off the market!). So Spencer wore an Engagement Ring from Amazon. Susanna’s Engagement Session hair and make up was beautifully designed by Dani Harer at Mirror Mirror Beauty Salon while Spencer’s dapper hair cut and beard trim was designed by BJ at Timeless Barbers. This beautiful bride to be wore two dresses for her Morgan Hill Engagement Session: her red dress came from Nordstrom (of course!) and her white dress came from Ann Taylor Loft. Photography by yours truly, Angela Sue Photography, the sweetheart wedding photography team Angela & Michael.

May 5, 2019


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