Fresno Anniversary Session



// After every late night street light drive // Every love you miss you kiss goodnight // Girl, your name is still my favorite // Always will be and I’m still wanting, still all in, I’m still fallin’ //

—Hunter Hayes

Yesterday morning on my way to work, I was thinking about Bre & Cory’s Fresno Anniversary Portrait Session and this old song from the summer of 2014 that I used to just blast in my crappy old car speakers showed up on shuffle and it struck me. Though it hasn’t been long in the grand scheme of things, these two have endured a lifetime of change in their two years of marriage. And we could see it in the way they looked at each other that it was worth it. The road to this moment was absolutely worth it.

It brought us so much joy to get to celebrate with these two. This Fresno Anniversary Portrait Session was special for all of us! Bre & Cory were one of our first Angela Sue Couples at their beautiful Visalia Wedding in 2017, and we were all BABIES back then! So much has changed in two years and yet one thing seems to have remained the same. They still seem to fall in love each time they look at each other.

Both Michael and I know that these Instagram-perfect images can be somewhat deceptive—we know full well that “I do” doesn’t put an end to our mistakes, but it’s the moments in these photos that prove love is bigger than a late night fight over whether the electric bill was paid or who forgot to put gas in the car. Love is bigger than infertility, job loss and deep hurts that seem as though they can never be repaired. We are honored to celebrate the endurance our AS Brides and AS Grooms have to beat the odds, to choose each other every day, to be in love and all in.

That’s the kind of love we aspire to.

Bre & Cory, we are so thankful for you two! You have a very special place in our hearts and we look forward to all the anniversaries to come! We love you very much! If we had glasses full of cheerful libations, we’d raise ‘em up and toast to the two of you. Hopefully these photos (which are gorgeous because you guys are the CUTEST) are sufficient in lieu of a cheers!


April 5, 2019


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