Vasona Lake Los Gatos Couples’ Session

it was always you.

10 years. Best friends. Against all odds. After a decade of being in each other’s lives, Shane and Morgan know that there is a lot to be thankful for. Imagine this: you meet the love of your life in high school but don’t know it yet. Maybe you’re seeing someone else at the time, but find yourself knowing it just isn’t the right fit. Your best friend is the man you may someday marry, but you are unsure if he feels the same way. He invites you to coffee and your heart skips a beat only to find out he wants your opinion on his plan to ask out someone else. You, of course, give him your full support, but discover moments later… this whole time…

You were always the one.

Morgan was always the one for Shane. It was obvious the way he looked at her during their Vasona Lake Los Gatos couples session. From the day they met, he knew and she knew, but they also have walked quite the road to get to this point. Their relationship is a testament to their resolve, their commitment and their friendship. These two are best friends, without a doubt. All afternoon, it was everything for them to not laugh for a few moments in between shots. They just bring out so much joy in each other, and we love it.

Shane and Morgan, there’s so much more to your story, but we’ll save that for another time 💍😜 for now, Michael and I are so grateful for the time you spent with us for your Vasona Lake Los Gatos couples session celebrating the ten years you’ve known each other and looking forward to and praying for the next ten years. And boy do you two know how to DRESS. IT. UP. 🔥 To our onlooking couples: this is how you do your next session whether it’s an anniversary, engagement or just because! There is no such thing as too dressed up.


February 5, 2019


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