Big Sur Portrait Session


Can you believe that until Jeremy & Christa’s Big Sur Portrait Session, I had never been south of Carmel? All this time I’ve lived by the coast and never did I venture south past those luscious cerulean waters of Clint Eastwood’s town. And even then, I hadn’t been to Carmel until just a few years ago. WHAT? Right?

Michael and I left early knowing it would be about a two hour drive from my little Morgan Hill town, but we were not prepared for the breathtaking, jaw-dropping, eye-watering spectacle that is the Pacific Coast Highway. Every inch of that coastline is covered in celestial beauty, overgrown with green trees and grass, white sand, monumental mountains, turquoise ocean waves crashing against the cliffs and a clear blue sky stretching further than my eyes could dare to imagine into the horizon. No exaggeration, friends. A tear may have fallen to the floor of my car.

And to top it off for this amazing Big Sur Portrait Session, we had no cloud cover the entire day. WHAT. That’s unheard of in the Monterey Bay. No fog!? Nope. And it was relatively warm. Anything above 57 degrees with the ocean next to us is a win in our books. All of those things meant we were feeling pretty great about meeting Jeremy & Christa for this destination photo shoot (that happens to be right in our backyard!).

So we think Jeremy & Christa might just be the coolest hipsters we’ve ever met. If R.J.’s shoes and cardigan don’t automatically win with you, then Jeremy’s amazing red beard has to be the thing that does. For what seems like ages these two have been remodeling and preparing to move into an old school bus that is fully equipped with custom EVERYTHING down to the floors and bathroom tile. Jeremy looooves welding—he designed and created custom space-saving beds (among other things) that fold up against the wall that open up space for daytime use. Another bed retracts from the ceiling… USING HIS PHONE. A little sitting porch and a rooftop patio on this bus? Guys, you have to see it.

Friends. If you want your engagement session or your anniversary session or your portrait session out in Big Sur, Michael and I will gladly go because DAAAAANG you won’t believe the kind of light God gave us to illuminate this sweet family in their Big Sur Portrait Session. We started at McWay Falls which is a deceptively short walk from the parking lot. Yes yes, I know, the sign says it’s only a quarter mile but I seem to recall one lap around the track is a lot longer than that was 😉 And even though there were people everywhere with kids and dogs and everything, we managed to capture priceless moments with no distractions… and even celebrated an exciting announcement! (You have to scroll to see!)

Jeremy & Christa, we are so excited for this next chapter in your legacy of love. Your creative hearts and compassionate, nurturing souls are perfect for R.J. and any future little ones you bring into the world. And you make them cute, too. Michael and I are praying ultimately that you continue to always put each other first, because your kids will need your love to be strong and unbreakable. They get to have a front row seat to your legacy, and we wholeheartedly believe you are raising world-changers. Thank you for letting us be a part of this moment with you!


January 14, 2019


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