Richland Creek Greenway Nashville Portrait Session

In the last 30 days, I’ve been on six different airplanes in five different airports over 15 states and in three big cities. I think I’m all traveled out for the rest of the year, friends.

But I have to say that Nashville, Tennessee, was not at all what I expected. I knew that it would be beautiful and filled with music everywhere you turn. The airport alone was a museum of instruments, photography, live performers right outside our gate and delicious smelling barbecue. Just outside the heart of Nashville in all the little suburbs (did you know Nashville had suburbs just like we do in the Bay Area?), every which way you could possibly turn was a jaw-dropping vista of rolling, green hills blanketed in lush trees with sun rays bolting through the scattered clouds. The interstates (way too many of them in my humble opinion) were sandwiched by urban and rural right up against each other. One minute, you’re looking up at a strangely shaped skyscraper and the next you’re passing acres of plantation land that has so. much. history.

I knew that I absolutely HAD to put my camera to work while I was here for a Nashville portrait session. And boy did I strike gold on such an amazing couple. Kristin + Drew are two of the cutest people I’ve ever seen. Only four months after their wedding, Michael and I met these two in one of our beloved photography groups and it was INSTANT friendship. These two are sweetheart photographers who are living life and changing lives together. Drew is kind of awesome… okay SUPER awesome. He’s studying to get his Master’s in Business Administration at the prestigious Vanderbilt University while Kristin is working a full time job and building up her photography business with her new HUSBAND. He’s a keeper, girl.

If anyone needs a hype guy, Drew is your man. For a few moments, Kristin convinced me to have some pictures taken of me and Michael (yes, that is correct grammar, friends), and while we were in front of the camera, Drew was back there making the same silly, laughter-making jokes and comments that all of us photographers use to bring out those authentic giggles and smiles from our clients. I’m telling you, friends, Kristin + Drew are killer Nashville portrait and wedding photographers.

Kristin just brought me so much joy. Photographers, it’s so good to meet other photographers and learn from them, watch them, be encouraged by them. Kristin just made me feel so talented and special, and it allowed me to really crush this Nashville portrait session. From the crazy Beyoncé wind to the endless green of the Richland Creek Greenway all right in the heart of Nashville, Kristin + Drew’s Nashville portrait session might have just been the highlight of my time there.

Enjoy some of my absolute favorites from Kristin + Drew’s Nashville portrait session and let me know what you think in the comments below!


P.S. You know how all the famous music people say Nashville, Tennessee, is the best city on the planet? It was pretty great, but I love my little Morgan Hill. Next to New York, of course… sorry Taylor 🙂

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November 2, 2018


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