Lizbeth + Matthew // Mount Madonna Family Portrait Session


One of the biggest pieces of the Angela Sue experience and heart is to show people how truly beautiful they are. Family portrait sessions. Engagement sessions. Anniversary sessions. Maternity sessions. Weddings. Doesn’t matter the occasion, almost all of our clients struggle to feel beautiful in whatever stage they’re in. And they tell themselves: I’ll do a family portrait session when I’m thinner. When I tone up a bit. When I lose that last five pounds.

Does this sound familiar? Our hands are raised for sure. This, friends, is the waiting game. We are so afraid of how we will look in our photos that we choose to wait until we’re happy with the way we look. The problem, though, is we’re never happy with the way we look. Sure we have good hair days and less bloated days, but we still go to sleep at night thinking about the littlest things we find imperfect.

When Lizbeth + Matthew came to us for their family portrait session, we had this exact conversation. Lizbeth told us that she had been waiting and waiting and waiting because she wasn’t happy with the way she looked. But she came to the conclusion that if she lives like that, then she’ll always be waiting and we’d miss this super sweet season of life. “I want to remember what my kids were like at this age when they’re a year older, five years older, twenty years older. I don’t want to miss it.”

And the crazy thing is… Lizbeth is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. I swear, guys, on my list of the most beautiful women in my life, Lizbeth is ranking nice and high. Those swoopy bangs, you guys! That was my teenage dream and I’ll never have it because my hair isn’t as emo as my heart. But doesn’t that tell you something? A woman I know is beautiful was afraid of how she would look in photos. And she would say the same thing about me.

The point is: we ALL struggle to love ourselves. That’s why when we do family portrait sessions, engagement sessions, anniversary sessions, maternity sessions, weddings and everything else in between, it is our heart and our highest goal to show you how beautiful you truly are. And let me tell you, we have not failed once.

Lizbeth + Matthew, we love you so very much! Your sweet little ones are so beautiful and have big hearts, just like their parents. Our prayer for you is that these photos will be a treasure to remind you of the joy and laughter you have in your family. You are raising people who will some day change the world. It’s good to celebrate them now, and we love that we get to celebrate them with you! We can’t wait for you to get in front of our cameras again!


November 16, 2018


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