Aptos Seacliff Beach Portrait Session

The ocean has always been my most cherished happy place. I love to sit by the sea and listen to the waves crash over and over again. There’s a certain majesty about it that causes me to cease all thought and listen to the earth that God created for me to enjoy. A whole world is beneath the surface—creatures so small, I wouldn’t even be able to see them and creatures so big, I might panic just thinking about it. And yet it’s all so removed from the hustle of humanity. That just sounds so beautiful.

When I was introduced to Jenny and Brian last summer, the first thing I thought was: how cool that they live by the ocean! I’m so jealous! Just a short, two-minute walk to the shore, Jenny and Brian’s Aptos home holds a very powerful memory for me and I’m so blessed to have experienced these cuties in the ways I did. They invited me, a stranger, into their home and allowed me to participate in their community without any hesitation. They were instant friends.

In the coming months, Jenny and I started talking a lot about God, the Church, relationships and careers. We read a book together, walked through tough things together and celebrated birthdays together. It was for her birthday that I gifted her and her husband this portrait session so they could commemorate their first home together and know how truly grateful I am for their presence in my life. And one year ago today, right around my birthday, we got together and made this Aptos Seacliff Beach Portrait Session happen.

The whole hour and a half we were out there, all three of us were laughing our faces off, getting excited about the guacamole I would be making in just a few hours (I’ve got the best recipe, friends, ask me about it), and talking about photography. None of my portrait sessions ever feel like work—I get to photography pretty people I call friends for a living. What else could I ask for?

Check out some of my favorites from Jenny and Brian’s Aptos Seacliff Beach Portrait Session and let me know what you think in the comments below!


September 11, 2018


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