Valhalla at the Grove wedding

Imagine Angela in 2011.

17-(almost 18)-years-old, in a completely foreign environment, knowing absolutely no one (not a soul) and super dorky and weird. That was me. I moved to Fresno for school and was on my own for awhile. I had two roommates who became instant friends and I knew no one. Only a few memories from those first several weeks still reside in my head, but I do remember very clearly spending time with this gorgeous girl featured in this Visalia wedding.

I’m not even sure how we met, but Breanne (who we all know as Bre) stars in many of my early college memories, and all of them are so meaningful to me. Almost all of them involve us playing our guitars, listening to All Time Low, talking about our dreams, and what was due in Ancient History with Marshall Johnston the next day. Bre even ran to my dorm room one day to get me a pillow to sit on before class to help with some back pain I was having. She is the best.

Fast forward two years to our third year at Fresno Pacific University, and Bre is the Resident Assistant (RA) of one side of our dorm while I was living with Kelsey (who’s wedding is also on this blog… go check it out! #kelsteban), the RA of our side of the dorm. Bre and Kelsey were assigned vacation rounds during our midterm break that fall and our other roommate and I decided we would hang with them and do the rounds, too. That weekend turned into a scare cam collection event because DANG it was fun to scare Bre! We even got our Resident Director (a full time university employee) in on the fun and those videos reside on my phone to this day.

The day Bre called me to ask about photographing her wedding, I felt like tears would never stop falling from my eyes. She told me all about her Visalia wedding—a backyard ceremony, long floral and flowy dresses, blush pink ties for the guys, twinkly lights strung across the deck and the gorgeous vineyard in the backdrop. Literally the perfect place to host an intimate Visalia wedding.

With tears in her eyes, Bre made her vows to Cory—just a short time before, she never imagined herself being in a relationship. Cory’s eyes seemed to smile as she connected the dots for everyone listening, that God drew them together at just the right time. And it was good. I’m pretty sure their first dance photos are some of my favorite reception shots I’ve ever taken, so keep scrolling to see those!

Bre + Cory, you guys are the coolest AS Couple and loved getting to serve you on the day your marriage started. All I want to know now is… when are we doing an anniversary session!?

Check out some of my favorites from Bre + Cory’s Visalia intimate wedding at Valhalla at the Grove and let me know what you think down below in the comments!


August 30, 2018


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