erika + nik // christmas hill park portrait session

I have a long (and ongoing) list on my iPhone of all the names I come across that I just adore for possible future children. Gentlemen, calm down. It doesn’t mean I have baby fever (although I definitely get my baby fix from all the moms in my church). But I when I hear a name that just pulls on my heart strings and makes my soul shiver, I have to write it down.

This little girl’s name is Ida. So simple! Ida. With her little hair buns and curious eyes, Ida is one of the sweetest, most classic names I’ve ever heard. That’s my jam, guys. Unusual and classic names. And spelled normal, too. None of these: Eyeduh or Ayda. Just… Ida. 

Ida’s GORGEOUS mother was not too far along in her second pregnancy when we had our Christmas Hill Park summer family portrait session. The baby in that belly was born last year with yet another unusual and classic name: Etta. WHAT. Etta? That’s unbelievably beautiful. I know I’ve already said it a thousand times, but it’s JUST. SO. CLASSY. Like she’s going to grow up to be a duchess of some kind or the owner of a 50’s diner or an old time radio singer. She just has to.

Erika and Nik sure do know how to choose baby names. I can only imagine what they have in mind for the next one. You know, Angela is a great baby name… just saying.

Check out some of my favorites from Erika and Nik’s Christmas Hill Park Gilroy family portrait session down below and let me know what you think in the comments!


August 13, 2018


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