angela + alex // san benito county historical park portrait session

How little is the littlest human you’ve ever held? For me, Aaron Miranda, the youngest in this family of six (almost all boys!) was only a couple hours old when my parents and I went to visit his wonderful parents in the hospital. When my favorite Angela (his mom and I share that glorious name) handed me her little baby, I could feel just how precious this little body was. I’m sure all you moms out there know what I’m talking about!

Just a couple months ago, that little 2-hour old baby turned 4-years-old and jumps for joy when he sees me, reaches his little fingers up to me, loves to be chased and tickled and laughed at, hugs me so tight and falls for raspberries every time. That little boy has walked with me through the most important time of my life—watching his family and mine come together during hard times, seeing his family have to make a big move, watching ours cope with my dad’s stroke, tell me he loves me when I’m crying from heartache, skeptically assessing the new guy (but secretly approving after Michael played hot wheels with him, ugh be still my heart 😍) and just hanging out with me time and time again.

This Hollister country hillside sunset family portrait session was so special to me. For all that Alex + Angela have done for me and for our family, for the love and friendship I have with them and their littlest boy, to get to serve them and spoil them with a glamorous portrait session in such a unique location out in the Hollister hills was an absolute joy for me.

The best part about this cute and joyful Hollister family portrait session was when Alex called me a week later and asked for my favorite so the boys could all surprise Angela with a sweet Mother’s Day gift. That photo hangs on the wall and greets me every time I go in to visit. I can’t wait to see it soon.

Aaron is a year older and more sassy and intelligent than ever before. I swear, that kid is one of the smartest little humans I’ve ever met. He knows colors, the entire alphabet and can count higher than I can! He brings me so much joy, you guys. Check out some of my favorite’s from the Mirandas’ Hollister family portrait session and you’ll see why!


August 6, 2018


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