coyote creek portrait session

Sitting down to think about Kristina’s feminine and fun Morgan Hill senior portrait session led me to think about how much time has passed and how different both she and I are since this portrait session. It blows my mind to think about how God brought this sweet soul into my life first through a high school youth group. I remember being up at winter camp at Hume Lake in the beautiful Sequoia National Forest watching Kristina set up her little tripod with her own camera trying to take pictures of the stars. The thought crossed my mind: this girl is going somewhere. I’m so glad I walked out into the snow to see what she was up to because just a few months later, she was graduating and looking for a photographer.

Kristina’s super cute Morgan Hill senior portrait session is more than just pretty photos of a high school graduate—over the last year, we have walked through so much life together. Falling in love, long distance relationships, heartbreak and heartache, tears of sadness and tears of joy, college and job searches, one-on-ones at First Street Coffee and peanut butter sandwiches at my apartment… this girl is near and dear to me. I look at these senior portrait photos from last May and I look at Kristina now and all I see is courage, confidence and a capacity to serve unlike anyone I know.

I’m just sorry it took so long to get these up to show the world. Kristina, you are strong, beautiful and intelligent beyond belief. You are going to change the world—I hope you look back at these and remember who you were then so that you can praise Jesus for who you are today. I’m feeling like we need to do another portrait session to celebrate you!

When you see these senior portraits from our joyful and fun senior portrait session, you’ll see just what I mean.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Kristina’s feminine and fun Morgan Hill senior portrait session at the famous Coyote Creek Trail bridge!


August 2, 2018


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