whitnie + jeff // lovers point portrait session

Over the last year, my sweet friend, Whitnie, has been my encourager, my advocate and my sister. In just one year, she has pushed me to be a stronger woman, a more authentic lover of Jesus and a better friend. Earlier this year, I got to photograph her reunion with her Air Force husband, Jeff, at the airport, and it was amazing! But when Jeff reached out to us to surprise her over the summer, we could hardly keep it to ourselves.

It took some real conniving. I had invited Whitnie to help me with another photoshoot that day on the beach (the 25th vow renewal also on the blog), which was the perfect opportunity to surprise her in a gorgeous setting. I had to keep it quiet ALL DAY. Oh my goodness, it was so hard. And then I had to explain to her why we were hanging out on the beach waiting for friends to show up. Everyone was convinced she knew something was up.

But the look on her face when she turned around and saw her husband walking towards her on the beach, after months of being oceans apart, told us she was completely clueless. There were tears! There was joy! There was laughter! Lots of kissing… It was incredible.

Thank you, Jeff, for your selfless service to this country. And thank you, Whitnie, for committing to this man and all the sacrifices you both have made. My prayer for you is that God would fortify your marriage in the face of the Enemy and daily revive your love for each other.

I love you guys!

Enjoy some of my favorites below!


November 16, 2016


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