tiffany + paulo // coyote creek portrait session

When I was still getting acquainted with my new church and getting comfortable working in the office, I often would hear the name Dos Santos thrown around here and there. I knew there was a Tiffany Dos Santos and that she had a little boy named André. I remember seeing him in the nursery a few times. It wasn’t until Tiffany came on our staff and I joined our worship team that I met Paulo. 

Getting to know this cool family has been such a joy. André is a feisty, smart little kid who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. He’s a good listener, though… every time I said, “André, look at me and smile,” he would! And it was always the cheesiest smile ever. That’s because he’s been trained well—Tiffany is also a photographer so imagine the pressure I felt to deliver well!

The session was so much fun. They had a good time and we even got a nice little walk out of it. Everything from their prop, to their outfits to their smiles were ON FLEEK. Yeah. That’s right.

I am excited to share these with you all. It was fun and they turned out great! And make sure you get through them all because there’s a surprise at the end!

See some of my favorites below!


November 28, 2016


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