Santa Cruz Proposal

This month has been a month of extremely special moments. My friends, Shelly&Jonathan are finally ENGAGED! Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! A week before Jonathan proposed, he asked me to come and be a secret photographer for the moment he would propose. Of course, I said yes. Duh. And it was going to be at this sweet little beach that no one (and I mean NO ONE) could find.

My nerves were off the wall that day, but once we finally got there, everything fell into place. Shelly was (mostly) surprised. Having me there to take photos as well as all her closest friends was probably the bigger surprise. After we celebrated for a little bit, I pulled the two of them aside and we did a little mini engagement session! 

The sky was absolutely PERFECT that day and the wind picked up in just the right moments. I am so excited to share my favorites from that day. Congratulations, my friends! Can’t wait to get started on everything else!


March 31, 2016


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