anderson lake portrait session

My little friend, Ellie, spotted me from across the courtyard one Sunday morning and just about lost it. She made eye contact and made a b-line for me. She let out a big ole scream, “AAAAANGELAAAAA!!!” and slammed into my legs with her arms reaching up at me. I lifted her little 3-year-old body up into the air and she wrapped her little legs around me, squeezed way too hard for a toddler and rested her head on my shoulder.

Not gonna lie… I might have shed a tear.

The most joy and love I feel is when a little child just loves me. And trust me, there are a lot of littles that aren’t super interested in all my joy and love. Weird, right? There’s just something about Ellie’s full-bodied excitement to see me that made me feel so desired and needed. Children are so innocent and they don’t see your size or your color or your hair style or your salary or your credit card debt. They just see you.

Ellie and her sweet family were in front of my camera about a year ago. It was one of the first portrait sessions I had booked since pouring some education into my photography—I sent them a style guide, planned out a great location in Morgan Hill and timed it right for that gorgeous golden hour. Sunsets in Morgan Hill make for excellent photos, let me tell you! Ellie’s stunning mama showed up like she was dressing for the most romantic engagement session, so you can bet I took advantage of her and her husband with some super adorable engagement -ish, couples’ photos!

Every time I look at these, I melt a little. Take a look at some of my favorites from this Morgan Hill Anderson Lake golden hour summer family portrait session.


July 26, 2018


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